The Way To Happiness Outdoors Club

What if there existed a group of fun-loving individuals that liked to fish and enjoy the great outdoors?  What if this same group desired to have a hand in helping kids live happier and more productive lives and be better prepared for the future?  What if this group were simply fed up with seeing kids fall prey to drug abuse, senseless violence and degradation?   And, what if this group were to refuse to just quietly sit back and do nothing to handle it? Such a group already exists; it’s known as The Way to Happiness Outdoors Club! 

Founded in April of 2003 by sportsmen and businessmen Bob Sullivan, Frank Clark, Mike Ash, Marty Sherman and Ray Farkas, The Way to Happiness Outdoors Club  works to provide a safer, more productive environment for kids to grow up in. We do this by distributing a booklet called The Way to Happiness.* This booklet, written by  author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, is a non-religious, common-sense guide for living a happy life. It’s an effective tool for reversing the decline in basic moral values.  It can be used by anyone to greatly improve conditions in life.

Funds for printing copies of  The Way to Happiness booklet are obtained with our fund-raising activities. We hold fishing derbies where we get people to pledge a certain amount of money per number of fish caught.  These tax-deductible donations provide the energy for our expansion and continued work.    

In addition to distributing The Way to Happiness booklet, we also get kids (and parents) interested and actively involved in outdoor activities.  We like to take kids on fishing trips.  In our modern world of television and video games, getting a kid on a regular diet  of experiencing the great outdoors is a wise investment in everyone’s future.

“Outdoors Club” might lead one to believe that the scope of our activities would not be limited to fishing.  Such is the case. In addition to having fishing derbies on a regular basis, we also have a desire to expand into other outdoor-type activities.  We welcome your input.

Please find out more about us by clicking on the buttons to the left.  We invite your participation; let’s help give our kids the tools they need to live a productive and happy life.